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1.3 Reaching out

Online communities where teachers meet, connect, share experiences and learn from each other are excellent sources for informal learning. For example, eTwinning is a platform where teachers can connect easily and learn from each other (see Unit 3).
Online courses such as this one provide teachers with numerous opportunities to connect, communicate, discuss, share and exchange ideas in a user-friendly way. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram also offer opportunities for professional development.
It is in such online communities that like-minded teachers get together, connect and build their PLN - Personal/Professional Learning Network. A PLN connects teachers who learn together, share what they have learned and create new content. Sharing is at the heart of a thriving PLN.
However, building a PLN is not enough. Once formed, it has to be worked on, maintained and cultivated. A teacher who is actively engaged in their network regularly contributes to it, plays an active role in discussions, creates new content and continually builds new connections. In this way, the PLN grows and develops so that it supports the teacher’s professional development.
I will describe myself in 30 seconds.  
I will say my FIRST name, the name of my initial teacher education INSTITUTION and my COUNTRY. 
I share with others what me you decide to become a teacher and use the password itelab to enter the Flipgrid.

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